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In today’s world completing tasks virtually through a mobile device or a computer has replaced most of the old time business operations like the way you send a fax. MVT’s vFax provides a complete inbound/outbound faxing solution without the need for a traditional fax machine. You can receive or send faxes straight from your desktop computer or mobile device and get rid of the hassle of maintaining a fax machine and cutting costs on paper, toner and time wasted waiting to send a fax.

Micro Voip Telecom knows how important it is to save money and time in business and that is why we target every aspect of office operations to increase productivity and revenue. With vFax every employee can have individual fax numbers and receive every fax straight to their e-mail in a single inbox. They can also manage faxes through voicemail, making it easy to send faxes on the go. Outbound faxes can also be sent using our browser-based fax portal or Microsoft Outlook or a separate program that allows for direct faxing from a desktop. It is hassle free, an easy transition, dependable and affordable.

Our vFax business solution is available nationwide with some of the lowest virtual fax rates. Avoid hardware, support and billing.

  • Send and receive faxes from work, home, or on the go via your email
  • Manage your faxes in the online portal from any Internet browser
  • Keep everyone in the loop with instant notifications when a fax is sent and received
  • Use your current fax machine but experience the benefits of online faxing

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