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MVT Hosted Services is packed with many advanced features that will enhance your day-to-day business activities and make your life easier. This guide is designed to help you use some of the most popular features with your new Polycom® VVX® 501 phone – right out of the box.


  • 72 Call Forwarding Always Activation
  • 73 Call Forwarding Always Deactivation
  • 90 Call Forwarding Busy Activation
  • 91 Call Forwarding Busy Deactivation
  • 92 Call Forwarding No Answer Activation
  • 93 Call Forwarding No Answer Deactivation
  • 67 Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking per Call
  • 65 Calling Line ID Delivery per Call
  • 68 Call Park
  • 88 Call Park Retrieve
  • 98 Call Pickup
  • 11 Call Retrieve
  • 69 Call Return
  • 70 Cancel Call Waiting
  • 99 Clear Voice Message Waiting Indicator
  • 55 Direct Voicemail Transfer
  • 78 Do Not Disturb Activation
  • 79 Do Not Disturb Deactivation
  • 62 Voice Portal Access
  • 66 Last Number Redial

Note: Some of these codes may not be available to all users.
See your group admin to add features.


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Get to Know Your Phone

In Idle state, your touchscreen will display your extension and the soft keys. The Home screen is displayed when you press the Home key. From here, you can initiate new calls and access your messages, directories, settings and applications.

The Basics

Set up Voicemail

  • Initiate a call.
  • Tap Envelope icon. (You may also dial *62, or your extension.)
  • At prompt, enter in a unique passcode, then press #.
  • Re-enter your passcode, then press #.
  • Follow instructions to record your name.
  • Follow prompts to:
    • Access voicemail box
    • Access greetings menu
    • Change call forwarding options
    • Make a call
    • Change passcode
    • Exit voice portal

Retrieve Voicemail Messages

A red "message waiting" indicator light notifies you when you have a new voicemail message. If you have more than one message, the count will be displayed near the message icon.

  • To check your voicemail, initiate a call, then tap the envelope icon.(You may also dial * 62, or your extension.)
  • Enter your voicemail passcode, then press#.(If you forgot your passcode, please contact your system administrator.)
  • Follow the audio prompts.

Answer a Call

To answer a call, simply pick up the handset or press the Answer soft key, Speakerphone key or Headset key.

Place a Call

To place a call, simply pick up the handset or press the New Call soft key, Speakerphone key or Headset key. Then dial the number.

Other Features

Other Ways to Place a Call

To dial a recently placed call:

  • Access the Recent Calls list.
    • From the Idle screen, tap your extension or the Callers soft key. The Recent Calls list will appear.
    • From Home screen, tap Directories, then tap Recent Calls.
  • Tap the contact you want to call — the call is automatically placed.

To call from your Directory:

  • Access your Directory.
    • From the Idle screen, tap the Direct soft key or tap the extension, then tap Directory.
    • From the Home screen, tap Directories.
  • Tap the Contact you want to call — the call is automatically placed.

Hold and Resume a Call

  • To Hold, tap the Hold soft key.
  • To Resume, tap the Resume soft key.

Make a Three-way Call

After first call is connected:

  • Tap the More soft key, then tap the Confrnc soft key.
  • Dial new party.
  • When call connects, tap the Confrnc soft key again.
  • Note: You may drop off a three-way call, and the other two parties will remain connected. (This is also an effective method of transferring a call.)

Do Not Disturb

  • To enable Do Not Disturb, press the DND soft key.
  • To disable, press the DND soft key again.

Transfer a Call

After the first call is connected, tap the Transfer soft key — the active call is placed on hold.

  • To transfer the call unannounced:
    • Tap Blind in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Dial the number or extension.
    • The call will transfer automatically.
  • To announce the transfer:
    • Dial the number or extension.
    • When the second party answers, announce the transfer.
    • Tap Transfer again to complete the transfer.
  • To transfer to voicemail:
    • Dial *55.
    • Dial the extension, followed by #.
  • A confirmation will announce the transfer is complete.

Call Forwarding

  • Press Home key.
  • Tap the Forward icon. Tap your choice:
    1. Call Forwarding Always
    2. Call Forwarding No Answer
    3. Call Forwarding Busy
  • Enter destination number, then tap the Enable soft key.
  • To disable, follow same directions, then tap the Disable soft key.


  • Pick up handset and dial:
    • *72 = Call Forwarding Always
    • *90 = Call Forwarding Busy
    • *92 = Call Forwarding No Answer
  • Enter destination number, followed by #.
  • To deactivate, pick up handset and dial:
    • *73 = Call Forwarding Always
    • *91 = Call Forwarding Busy
    • *93 = Call Forwarding No Answer
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